Knockerball Eugene Location Information

Locations for Play

What a better place to play Knockerball than at your favorite local park?

City of Eugene Parks and Recreation

The City of Eugene has a wide array of parks, natural areas and sport fields available for rent for a small fee. Alton Baker Park is a favorite, with plenty of open space and picnic shelters.

Your Location

We are mobile! Gymnasiums, recreation centers, personal property (must have enough open grassy space and free of major hills, rocks, trees, mud etc...) We will work with you!

Knockerball Eugene is registered with the State of Oregon and has a $3,000,000 aggregate insurance policy in place. We are the only licensed and insured Knockerball Affiliate in Lane County. Facility operators can be added as additional insured. We can also add our corporate customers as additionally insured.

Now that you have your location, lets Get in the Ball!
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